Give your recipes a nutritional boost with extruded pulses

Give your recipes a nutritional boost with extruded pulses

07 December 2021

Pep’s Ball, Limagrain Ingredients new line of extruded pulses, make it easy to add pulses to your recipe for good nutritional value and nice texture

It can be challenging to include pulses in food products and still maintain excellent organoleptic quality. Limagrain Ingredients presents a new range of extruded pulses to meet the demand for plant-based ingredients living up to the evolving consumer demand in terms of taste.


The Pep’s Balls are unique ingredients specifically developed to help you create healthier and tastier products. Made from pulses, they help you improve the nutritional benefits of your products by increasing protein and fibre content. What’s more, the Pep’s Balls are an easy way to improving the texture of your products.


Peps’s balls are available in three different types: Chickpea, Pea & Fava bean and Red Bean & Pea. These new ingredients complete Limagrain’s range of pulses which also comprises functional flours and toasted pulses.


Pep's balls extruded pulses aranged in bowls

Pep’s Balls benefits

  • 100% natural, made only from pulses
  • Clean and clear label
  • Natural plant-based protein content
  • Boost of proteins and fibres to reach health claims
  • Easy to implement in your recipes



  • Meat replacement products
  • Cereal bars
  • Bakery & pastry products


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