Fast action pea protein hydrolysates

Fast action pea protein hydrolysates

18 November 2019

VITALPEP® hydrolysed pea protein from Pevesa is a predigested protein for immediate absorption making it perfect for sports nutrition

VITALPEP® PH4 is a pea protein hydrolysate (4-5% degree of hydrolysis) designed for sport nutrition application such as powder supplements, hyperproteic bars and beverages.


VITALPEP® protein hydrolysates are obtained and cleaned in a natural enzymatic way. Thanks to a partial hydrolysis process, Pevesa offers a product with a good taste and low bitterness which is easy to digest and fast absorbable.


Pea protein hydrolysates have a high content in branched chain amino acids (BCAA), sulphured amino acids and aromatic amino acids. This means that muscles will be easily supplied with this protein - something that cannot be matched by single amino acids formulas.


VITALPEP® PH4 shows a high PDCAAS (protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score) and has been specially designed for maximum compatibility in solid matrices.


VITALPEP® PH4 properties

  • Improved aminoacidic digestibility
  • Predigested protein for immediate absorption
  • Low bitterness



  • Hyperproteic bars
  • Meal replacement
  • Powder supplements


VITALPEP PH4 amino acids distribution*

*Amino acids determination is achieved upon standard methods. Hydrolysis with HCI followed by derivatisation with ninhidrin and separation with HPLC.



About Pevesa

Pevesa is a bio-refinery of plant based proteins offering standard and tailor-made proteins for baby food, sports nutrition, weight management, clinical nutrition, beverages, bakery, etc. Pevesa offers homogeneity in quality and assure smallest amounts of contaminants and heavy metals. Their IP in enzymatic hydrolysation and filtration allows them to meet customers’ expectations in protein concentration (80 % and higher), hydrolysis degree, solubility, bio-availability, transparency in solution, digestibility and bitterness.