Coming up: Fi Europe 2019

Coming up: Fi Europe 2019

18 November 2019

Meet Alsiano and our partners at Food Ingredients Europe from 3 till 5 December in Paris

This year, Food ingredients Europe & Natural ingredients will once again be the food industry’s epicentre over the course of three days where visitors can expect a broad spectrum of products, concepts and innovations from the more than 1,700 exhibitors. Key topics of this year’s event are ‘Clean label, ‘Reduction & reformulation’, ‘Healthy and functional’ and ‘Plant-derived ingredients’.


Meet Alsiano at FiE 2019

Alsiano will be present during the event and will be available for meetings. Please contact our team for further information and arrangements. Here is a brief overview of our partners you will be able to meet at the show:


Ingredia – stand 6F91

Ingredia develops and manufactures dairy powders, milk proteins and innovative bioactive ingredients for the food, nutrition and health industries worldwide. Ingredia supports its dynamic growth by continued investments in cutting-edge industrial facilities and scientific research and innovation. For over 20 years, Ingredia has developed sustainable partnerships with its customers based on the shared values of its founding milk-producing cooperative.


Limagrain Ingredients – stand 6C31

Limagrain Ingredients develops and manufactures authentic and functional cereal ingredients for manufacturers in the food industry. Limagrain processes more than 330,000 tonnes of cereals every year, mainly wheat and maize, on 7 industrials sites. Limagrain develops its expertise in six main markets: snacks, breakfast cereals, industrial and artisanal bread-making, ready meals, pet food and young animals. At this years’ FiE, Limagrain will, among other things, be showcasing PRESCO puffed whole grains - read more.


Loryma – stand 6G140

Loryma, part of Crespel & Deiters, produces wheat proteins, wheat starches and functional blends. Loryma raw materials and blends optimise meat products, fish products, vegetarian and vegan products, baked goods, convenience products and confectionery. Here you can read more about what you can see and taste at Loryma’s stand.


Nimbus Foods – stand 7Q138

Nimbus Foods is one of Europe’s leading innovators and manufacturers of high quality decorations, toppings and inclusions for the food industry. Their extensive range of specialist bakery, confectionery, ice-cream, dessert, cereal and snacking products are already in use by the world’s best known brands of ambient, chilled and frozen foods. Gluten free, vegetarian and bake stable variants are available. Nimbus’ expertise is in barrier coating and providing stable products in all applications.


Pevesa Biotech – stand 6G23

Pevesa is a bio-refinery of plant based proteins and offers standard and tailor made proteins for the Baby Food, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Clinical Nutrition, Beverages, Bakery, etc. Their vegetable protein hydrolysates or isolates come from different sources. Pevesa offers homogeneity in quality and assure smallest amounts of contaminants and heavy metals. Their IP in enzymatic hydrolisation and filtration allows them to meet customers’ expectations in protein concentration (80 per cent and higher), hydrolysis degree, solubility, bio-availability, transparency in solution, digestibility and bitterness. Read about Pevesa's new fast action pea protein hydrolysate for sports nutrition here.


Pulviver – stand 7L50

Pulviver, Belgian manufacturer of egg based powder, has set standards in egg science and technology with the production of highly functional egg powders. Their egg yolk, albumen and whole egg powder are internationally renowned and distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide.


Ribus – stand 6D21

The functional ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS Inc., supplies natural and organic rice-based ingredients to companies around the world. As the Original Clean Label Ingredient Company™, RIBUS produces non-GMO, natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients for the food, beverage, pet and dietary supplement sectors. RIBUS’ patented technology and ingredients can help solve production issues while bringing innovation and clean labels to a wide variety of products. Regulations and global consumer demands have fueled actions resulting in manufacturers reformulating or creating new clean label products.


Setexam – stand 6D30

The Setexam target has always been the supply of innovative and unique products to food, biotech, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Setexam is continuously developing its know-how and offers several agar types with different gelling properties, thickening ability, instantaneous dissolution, etc. This development of the know-how is translated in opting for the latest, best 'state-of-the-art' technology which consists of modern technology to ensure continuous efficient production of the world's purest, highest quality and safe agar products.


Sethness-Roquette – stand 6D150

Sethness-Roquette, specialised in the production of caramels, offers a complete range of caramel colour, burnt sugars, aromatic caramels and caramelised sugars syrups for food industries. At FiE, you can for instance hear more about their new Carabrew® range for beers and malt drinks bringing taste, fermentescible sugars and colour which will reinforce the roundness and the character of your beer.


TasteTech – stand 7G89

TasteTech is a pioneer of encapsulation technology, specialising in encapsulated food ingredients and flavourings. TasteTech provide solutions to food manufacturers worldwide for a variety of applications including chewing gum, bakery, nutrition and confectionery. Their products range from natural flavourings and high intensity sweeteners, to preservatives and acidulants. Encapsulation technology provides solutions to improve product quality, increase shelf life, reduce costs and add value to your brand.


Unipektin – stand 6D21

UNIPEKTIN offers a wide range of fibres and hydrocolloids for the food industry.  The main products are: apple fibre, beet fibre, locust bean gum, tara gum, guar gum, low viscosity guar gum and konjac gum. All products are natural, gluten free and GMO free.


Vidya Herbs – stand 6F30

Vidya Herbs is a manufacturer of high quality herbal extracts and natural carotenoids. Vidya is one of the biggest manufacturer of turmeric in India with more than 200MT/year output. Vidya Herbs has full-fledged extraction facilities equipped with high end QC equipment including LCMS to meet international standards. Our product range includes certified organic (as per EOS) and conventional extracts: green coffee, curcuma, coleus, EU-bilberry, pomegranate extracts, and natural carotenoids: beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein.


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