Beverage solutions offering the best of nature

02 November 2018

Beverage solutions offering the best of nature

With a wide range of vibrant colours and botanical extracts with unique health, sensory and preservation properties, Naturex turns your challenges into healthy, authentic and smart solutions

In a market where clean label and naturalness have become a must, Naturex offers a complete range of natural solutions to ensure the best sensorial appeal for your beverage. 

Endless possibilities in colour
NAT colour™ is a complete colour palette of high performing natural food colours achieving exact colour targets perfectly with dedicated formulations for all applications. The range holds a full colour spectrum including the most important colours yellow/orange from carotene and paprika, and reds from anthocyanins and fruit and vegetable concentrates. Naturex VegeBrite™ line of colouring food ingredients is produced exclusively from fruit, vegetable, edible flower and algae concentrates, using a gentle and simple process, that performs superbly in beverages. 

Functional botanicals
Naturex’s scientific expertise in botanicals and understanding of their health benefits have formed the basis for NAT healthy™, a unique range of botanical extracts, designed to provide your beverage with the “naturally healthy” edge consumers look for:

  • Responsibly sourced and fully traceable
  • Carefully processed to provide the innate benefits and nutritive value of plants
  • Optimised for used in beverages
  • Plant collections with meaningful health benefits like: Energy & brain performance, Relaxation & sleep, Immune support, Digestion & detox, Antioxidant & well-being, Fitness 


Enhance and stabilise the beverage
The NAT stabil™ line provides natural preservation solutions developed. to extend product shelf life while ensuring quality and safety. Naturex’s natural antioxidants can be used to extend colour and flavour stability throughout shelf life allowing manufacturers to achieve clean labels without compromising performance. StabilEnhance WSR, for instance, is able to protect delicate flavours (citrus) and inhibit off-flavour development. It can also extend colour life of beverages formulated with carotenoids.

UPTAIA™ quillaia extract enhances the foam structure and stability of beverages. Quillaia extract is an innovative ingredient with the potential to generate new products. UPTAIA™ is stable in a wide range of pH and is allergen free. It is 100% natural, clean label and sustainable. Typical applications are root beer, cola drinks, powder drinks, slush type syrups, malt drinks and bar mixes.

The ingredient is extracted from Quillaia, an endemic tree of Chile wild-harvested in an 800,000 ha Chilean quillaia forest. The sustainable management of a unique resource and a local, eco-friendly production process are the keys to the creation of the natural, easy-to-use and multifunctional quillaia-based solutions from Naturex.

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