Antifoams and defoamer solutions for various industries

Foam control for the food processing industry and technical applications

Potato processing

Foam is generated during potato processing because foam active substances such as starch and protein are extracted by water during transport, washing, peeling and cutting. The type and extent of foam produced vary according to the type of potato quality and processing conditions. Our line of antifoaming agents for potato processing can be used to overcome existing foam as well as preventing foam build-up. We recommend foam prevention for a safe and stable process.


Sugar Industry

During beet processing, foam occurs due to foam active substances, protein, sugar, and degradation products. Foaming mainly depends on the process conditions and the beet quality. For a smooth process, prevention of foaming is recommended. Alsiano offers antifoaming agents adapted to the exact requirements of the different stages in sugar production. 


Vegetable processing

Defoamers are used during the cleaning and processing steps for vegetable processing. We supply antifoaming agents which are effective during the whole process from washing, peeling, to blanching etc.


Animal feed

We offer a line of antifoams which are effective during the production and processing of animal feed. These antifoams are moreover permitted as feed additives by the regulations in force and allowed to remain in the feed. The dosage rate depends on parameters such as ingredients, temperature, pH-values, water hardness, factory setup, and others.


Yeast industry

Besides defoamers for fresh yeast, Alsiano offers further auxiliaries for the yeast industry including extrusion aids, emulsifiers and brightener for baker's yeast.


Fermentation process

We offer a line of antifoams and foam control agents formulated for use in various fermentation processes. Typical areas are for production of bakers yeast, antibiotics, enzymes, ethanol, citric acid, amino acids etc.



Alsiano offers different antifoaming agents for production of bioethanol. The generation of foam during the production of bioethanol is caused by the presence of foam active substances in the substrates (sugar based, starch based) e.g. proteins and by-products. We supply antifoams which are effective during the preparation of the substrate, as well as the fermentation and distillation process. 



Alsiano supplies antifoaming agents for production of biogas. Biogas is produced during the anaerobic digestion of organic material. The organic material is biodegraded by microorganisms into biogas, which is a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide.


Sewage treatment

The development of foam in connection with sewage treatment depends upon the method used. Foam occurs when gas escapes from liquids containing foam active substances. This especially applies to aerobic sewage treatment. The foam active substances in sewage are very different, and antifoaming agents must therefore be adapted to the medium to be defoamed. Together with our supplier of defoaming agents, we can offer solutions tailored to your needs.