Solutions for livestock feed, pet food and farm cleaning & disinfection

​Alsiano Agro & Pet food

Alsiano offers a broad range of solutions for the agro and pet food industry in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. With offices near Copenhagen and Gothenburg we are close to our customers. We work together with innovative and professional manufacturers to offer the best solutions for feed and pet food producers and farms.


Product portfolio

Our product portfolio comprises both organic and inorganic products. Among our top products are BeneoCarb S long lasting sugars, vital wheat gluten concentrated proteins, inulin and oligofructose fibre products, glycerine, toxin binders and rice ingredients. Furthermore, we offer various yeast products, milk powders, and much more. Go to product list.


Cleaning and disinfection

On farms, a complete hygiene protocol is crucial to minimise infections, eliminate pathogens and increase yield. Alsiano provides a full programme for farm cleaning and disinfection. For the milking industry, we offer reliable milk and udder hygiene solutions.


Please contact our team for more information about our solutions for agro and pet food.