Serving the Nordic industry since 1957

Serving the Nordic industry since 1957
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About us

Alsiano is a leading supplier of ingredients, raw materials and additives for a wide range of industries. For more than 60 years we have cooperated with leading manufacturers of ingredients, chemicals and additives. This way, we have long experience and a strong tradition for delivering competitive solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, adding important value to their business.


Alsiano is part of the ProviNord Group which also includes Kryta, manufacturer of spices and blends, and Grathwol, distributor of packaging solutions. The ProviNord Group counts 65 employees.


Local presence

We believe in being where our customers are in order to offer the best service. The Nordic countries are our home ground and we serve our customers from our offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. 


We strive to become the leading supplier of ingredients, excipients and raw materials to industries in the Nordic countries.



We develop business solutions based on technical knowledge, commercial experience and long term relations, adding value for our partners. 

Management & administration

Anders Hager

Managing Director

Hans Henrik Wengel

Business Dir., Ind. Solutions

Lene Aarøe Nissen

Head of Nordic Sales - Healthcare

Jon Nicolas Jensen

Head of Nordic Sales - Food

Charlotte Dahl

Sales & Logistics Coordinator

Susse Liff Hansen

Quality Manager

Vibeke Kolind

Executive Assistant

Kim Christensen


Pernille Wiingaard


Liselotte Kibsgaard


Dorthe Aagaard Andersson

Marketing Coordinator

Liselotte Folling

Science writer

Janie Manfeld



  • Today

    Alsiano continues to expand and has today a staff of highly educated, inspired, and motivated collaborators.

  • 2017

    Alsiano's subsidiary, Kryta, acquires DABA which produces mixes for the bakery industry.

  • 2013

    Alsiano A/S acquires the Swedish company Interplast AB with sales to customers in both Sweden and Finland.

  • 2012

    Alsiano Plastics & Elastomers is formed, specialising in raw materials to the Nordic plastic industry. To support the new business unit, the subsidiary Alsiano Oy with office in Espoo, Finland, is established. Alsiano Plastics & Elastomers is now fully active in all Nordic countries.

  • 2011

    Alsiano invests in Kryta Krydderier, a privately-owned company which has manufactured and supplied spices and spice blends to the Danish food industry since 1955.

  • 2008

    To strengthen the position in the industrial sectors of the Nordic markets, Alsiano acquires the activities of the Swedish company J.L. WestKemi. The activities continue in a new company, Alsiano Westkemi AB, with office and warehouse in Gothenburg.

  • 2005

    To provide Alsiano with a wider and stronger position in the Nordic countries, the activities of the sister company Mercantas' chemical technical department is merged with Alsiano. The new department, named Industry, is specialised in coating systems, processing aids and surfactants. 

  • 2001

    Erik Bang Christensen decides to concentrate on group activities, but is still involved in the management of Alsiano as chairman of the board. Jens Hummeluhr is appointed managing director and takes over the general management of Alsiano.

  • 1999

    Alsiano makes a change of strategy now focusing on selling applications and ingredient solutions. Heavy investments are made in highly qualified staff with technical expertise and a background in either the food or pharmaceutical industry.

  • 1996

    Alsiano decides to break away from the role of a traditional agency company and arranges its first tour for customers to the annual Food Ingredient Europe exhibition. Seminar and newsletters are introduced in the following years.

  • 1994

    In relation with the acquisition of Dagentas A/S and Mercantas A/S, both agency and trading companies, Alsiano moves to modern premises at Birkerød, north of Copenhagen. Dagentas A/S is merged into Alsiano A/S, and a restructuring subsequently leads to the present set up with ProviNord A/S as a holding company with Alsiano A/S, Mercantas A/S and Grathwol A/S as subsidiaries.

  • 1974

    Erik Bang Christensen joins Alsiano and becomes a partner in 1977. Hans Schmidt steps back from day-to-day management and retires in 1994. 

  • 1957

    Having acquired a profound knowledge within specific areas, Hans Schmidt decides to found Alsiano as a classic agency business working exclusively in Denmark. 

  • 1938

    Hans Schmidt starts his professional career specialising in representing foreign companies in Denmark.

Quality & CSR


Alsiano is committed to providing the Nordic food industry with products and services of the highest quality. Thanks to our BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Certification, our customers can rest assured that Alsiano is in compliance with the Global Food Standard. We have a strategic focus on product safety, transparency in the value chain, and product traceability in order to create value for our customers and stakeholders.



Based on UN's Global Compact's 10 principles and Responsible Care's 8 principles, Alsiano is committed to a sustainability policy which includes respecting universally recognised standards for the environment, human rights, labour, and anti-corruption. 


We believe that every step towards a more sustainable future is important, which is why Alsiano supports the transformation to renewable energy. We cover 100% of our power consumption with certificates from European wind production.


A dynamic workplace with many exciting challenges

Alsiano has a long history of being a company caring for the individual, giving our employees plenty of scope and opportunity to develop in the job. We have mutually high expectations to each other, and initiative is a must.

Alsiano has a set of HR policies based on our values and culture. We respect the individual and go a long way for everybody to have fulfilling jobs. We expect our employees to identify themselves with our values and live up to the behavioural standards we wish to signal to our partners.

Learn more about our HR policies when applying for a position with Alsiano.

Open positions

At the moment, there are no vacant positions.


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