Freeze-dried avocado powder is pure super-food

31 October 2018

Freeze-dried avocado powder is pure super-food

With minimum wastage Cham Foods has made it easy to use the delicious and highly nutritious avocado fruit with all its goodness in food production

It seems almost mission impossible to turn avocado into powder while keeping all its nutrients. Grinding dried avocados usually results in a viscous thick green mass due to the very high fat content of the avocado (55% of all solids). Usual solutions for this problem have been the addition of high amounts of chemical carriers or extracted fibres or performing defatting of the fresh product prior to drying and grinding.

Closest to fresh
Cham has now developed a technique allowing to freeze dry pure Hass avocado slices and then grind them into fine powder. With this technique, all nutrients, smells and colours of the avocado are preserved. The whole process can be defined as raw, as it implies neither heating nor additional processing. The avocado powder is 99% pure with only citric acid and ascorbic acid added. Furthermore, the powder is made from avocados that could not be sold other-wise and would have been thrown out, this way helping reducing food waste. 

Freeze-dried avocado powder not only opens up for replacing refrige-rated or frozen avocado paste or fresh fruit thereby making storage and handling easier. It also opens up for new application possibilities e.g. in superfood smoothie mixes and in raw food products. 

The pure avocado powder has a long shelf life and does not require refri-geration before opening. Simply by adding cold water, the avocado powder is reconverted into avocado pulp. It can be used in many applications, for instance as a pure natural avocado flavour, as an ingredient for coating of healthy snacks, or as a basis for guacamole (just add your favourite guacamole spices and water) and in dressings. 

Avocado & nutrition
Avocado is rich in good fats, oils and fibres. It is also a rich source of minerals and electrolytes such as potas- sium, magnesium, iron, copper, and phosphorous. Nutritional tests conducted on the freeze-dried avocado powder from Cham show a high amount of Omega 3 and 6 values of the avocado powder. The powder contains 0.5 g of Omega 3 and 8.6 grams of Omega 6 per 100 gram. 

To date, there is no official recommended daily allowance of omega-3s. However, most health organisations agree that 250–500 mg of combined EPA and DHA is enough for adults to maintain overall health.



  • Sauces, dips, dressings
  • Ready to mix products
  • Coating for healthy snacks
  • Smoothies
  • Flavour ingredient
  • Ice cream and desserts
  • Soups
  • Spreads


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